The weather was great, the sun was out and there were interesting clouds in the sky. It seemed like the perfect evening to take-up on the invitation to get some photos of off-roading motorbikes.

We met with a group of enthusiasts (nutters really!) getting themselves dusty on the dry trails. For two hours we wandered around with our equipment. The photos were going really well and everyone was having a great if sweaty, time.

The most we had to worry about was the dust floating around. Anyone with a DSLR knows how much hassle can be caused by the fine floating clouds of fesh fesh. We weren’t changing lenses and on the whole, things were staying relatively clean… until the last rider was on his last lap.


The bike came around the corner, lost the back end a bit and sent an avalanche of dust and stones at us. We were both absolutely covered as you can see from the photo. This would have been the last photos anyway and needless to say, it took a few solid hours to get all the dust off and out of the cameras… and us! Luckily the Canon EOS 1Ds MkIII is “weather sealed” meaning a lot of the elements are kept out.

Dusty Canon EOS 1Ds Mkiii

Dust included, we had a really fun time and will be heading back again!

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