The new coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has taken the world by storm, especially the business realm. Business organisations all around the globe and the society at large are practising “social distancing” to curb the spread of the deadly virus, which has already taken thousands of lives.

Full-time employees have switched to work-from-home as a preventive measure. Here are a few tips for them to follow while this safety mandate stays in effect:

Create the space at home

It’s perfectly alright for working professionals not to have a dedicated working space at home because they spend most of their time at the office. But when remote working is the in-thing now, they will have to create a space at home where they can work comfortably. This small area becomes their “professional zone” and sets the mood to work.

Stick to the schedule

Project managers around the world are freaking out about their teammates not working at their peak efficiency from home. The fear may be valid to some extent because there could be more distractions for them at home. But the key lies in sticking to the usual schedule. Doing so will ensure employees can meet their targets even when working from home.

Keeping the communication going

While remote working may hamper the free flow of communication, it shouldn’t be the case if employees have the proper tools and software in place. There won’t be face-to-face conversations as usual, but employees can undoubtedly collaborate with the help of these tools. Constant check-ins through these tools will keep teams up-to-date about any changes taking place and ensure smooth flow of work.

The COVID-19 outbreak has attained a pandemic status. It’s a tough time for the world. However, we can all cope with the crisis by following adequate safety measures. Nobody knows when the crisis will end. All we do now is stick to a proper self-care routine to get a psychological boost.

Updating your clients about remote working

If you and your business are now remote working, it is essential to keep your clients up to date so that they can be made aware of any potential delays in your responses or limitations on your services. You can use several channels to do this. Updating your website and sending out email updates are the obvious choices as can be seen by anyone’s inbox at the moment. You can also make posts on your social channels but be aware of the potential visibility issues of using these channels only.


If you need help updating your website or social media accounts with relevant and timely updates in these uncertain times, Enrapture can help. Get in touch and let us know what you need. 

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