Application development

Web applications are now everywhere you click. They help us connect with old friends, share our photos, read our emails or remember what we need to buy at the shops. Nearly every user on the web today, accesses some type of web application at some point during the day, or night.

Maybe you need an existing windows application converted to an accessible web application? Or do you require a new application to support your business? Many off-the-shelf packages will not entirely fit your way of working and could cost a lot more for any modifications that need to be made. Our approach is to get an understanding of what the business requires to function well internally and strategically. From there we can build your application using a variety of technologies and infrastructures.

It is easier than ever to bring your ideas to life on the web, by developing a web application.

Features and benefits

  • Can be run internally on your own servers as part of an intranet or to a wider audience if made publicly accessible.
  • Drastically simplify licensing requirements.
  • Eliminate roll-out complexity by using a custom application, installed in one location, and accessed via the web browser.
  • Web-based applications can be a great value way to support essential business processes.

We enjoy the challenge of understanding your business in order to help by building applications that are effective and achieve business goals. We have created a number of intranet and extranet applications for clients in Guernsey, UK, Netherlands and the USA.

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