Domain Names

Enrapture is an accredited registrar for Channel Island domain extensions.

What does this mean?

Enrapture is able to register and manage all .gg,,, (Guernsey) and .je,,, (Jersey) domain extensions. We are able to handle the entire process from registration to hosting management for you and at reasonable pricing.

What are the fees?

Registration price for one year    45.00 GBP
Registration price for 2 years    80.00 GBP
Registration includes registration fee
Renewal price for one year    40.00 GBP
Renewal price for 2 years    70.00 GBP

How does this benefit you?

You’ll be able to make use of our competitive pricing and enjoy our trademark friendly service for the management of your web domains. We are aiming to be the best value provider for these names and would be very happy to quote for transfers and registrations of your domain names. If you have any domain names and would like to find out how our service stacks up, get in touch or register/transfer your domain name today.

Just send a list of the domain names you’d like transfer or register and we’ll get a quote back to you. Alternatively, complete our online form here.

More than domains?

We have a whole suite of web hosting services available. With nearly 10 years hosting experience, we can provide hosting services that can cover everything from low cost personal website hosting up to multi-server load balanced application hosting.

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