We utilise the WordPress CMS system for a majority of the web sites that we build so it always interesting to see what changes each time there is a big release. WordPress version 4.3 has just been launched and has a number of new features as well as an amazing number of bug and security improvements. As with all releases, it is worth keeping you systems up to date. Our customers with with active maintenance will be updated automatically so you have nothing to do or worry about. Please do get in touch with us if you’d like assistance in upgrading your own installs as we’d be pleased to help.

What’s new?

The easiest way to get the overview is watch the official video from WordPress…

A brief overview of the changes shown:

Menus in the Customizer

Create and assign menu items from within the customizer. The new feature provides a mobile-friendly and accessible interface. With every release, it becomes easier and faster to make your site just the way you want it.

Formatting Shortcuts

Your writing flow just got faster with new formatting shortcuts in WordPress 4.3. Use asterisks to create lists and number signs to make a heading. It appears to work like Markdown though some further testing will be required to see how far it goes.

Site Icons/Favicons

Favicons show up in browser tabs, bookmark menus, and on the home screen of mobile devices. WordPress now allows us to add this as part of the system settings which means it will even stay in place when you switch themes making your whole site reflect your brand.

Better Passwords

This is a great change to help protect your website and keep everything more secure. The approach to passwords removes some of the previous weak points and also helps users to set stronger passwords when necessary.

A smoother admin experience

Refinements to the list view across the admin make your WordPress more accessible and easier to work with on any device.

Comments turned off on pages

All new pages that you create will have comments turned off. This was a bug bear for us as we had to do this manually for every site we built. Finally it is the default option.

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