We are pleased to announce the launch of Channel Island Hosting ‘www.channelislandhosting.net’, a Channel Islands-based domain registration and hosting service that aims to compete with the large internet hosting companies across the UK and Europe by offering a combination of some of the lowest domain prices globally, as well as website and email hosting solutions, via cloud, shared or dedicated hosting options based in the UK, Europe and the US and high-quality customer support.

Domain Prices

Channel Island Hosting offers some of the most competitive, regularly priced domain names available on the internet, and this is especially true for our local .GG and .JE domains at just £29.99 per year .CO.GG and .CO.JE domains at only £19.99 per year. Plus, we have over one hundred more domains to choose from, at equally competitive prices. To make managing your domain as simple as possible, all domains registered with Channel Island Hosting qualify for a free DNS management package, to create a simple one-stop solution for our customers.

Hosting Services

Customers can also sign up for a growing range of website, email and App hosting solutions, which start as low as £3.99 per month; SSL certificates (https); email SPAM protection, and even a simple website builder, for those who simply prefer to do it themselves, but like the option of calling on our support team if they hit a snag. Our hosting services are available on UK, EU and US-based servers, in up to date facilities that offer cloud hosting, shared hosting and dedicated hosting solutions (which we can assist you in provisioning) and CDN/website security solutions for busy sites and applications. For those wishing for something a little more bespoke, we can provision solutions to meet the most demanding of requirements.

Visit Channel Island Hosting

To learn more about the great prices and services offered by Channel Island Hosting, visit our site by clicking on the button below.

Customer Support

Agency Partnerships

The new service has already attracted the attention of a number of UK and Channel Island-based marketing and web design agencies, who are looking to get the best deals for their clients while allowing themselves more time to focus on their client relationship. We see a strong future in developing long-term partnerships with different agencies, closely supporting them in delivering the best service possible to their clients. Our team are already assisting a number of agencies in migrating their client websites and email accounts over to our up to date hosting servers. Our team are also assisting in development and planning sessions with some of their clients, at the request of the respective agencies, who trust and utilise us as a third-party contractor.

Retail Customers

We have also seen a growing number of retail (direct) customers, who are simply looking to do their own thing and coming to us for their domains and hosting solutions. Excellent pricing, making it easy to do business with us and customer support are possibly the most important aspects of our service offering to our customers. In fact, a large part of our success in both the agency and retail sectors, is most definitely down to our online support team, who are on hand to assist customers with some of the more complicated aspects of their hosting needs; from migrating websites to our hosting solutions, editing DNS settings or merely giving advice on setting up their emails and SSL certificates. We feel that our focus on customer service and support, along with highly competitive pricing, are our main differentiators in the marketplace. We realise that a lot of people just don’t want to get involved in the technical side of their internet strategy, choosing to focus on their strengths and let us act as their support solution. On that basis, Enrapture also continues to offer our successful bespoke services for those business clients looking for our assistance in managing their multiple online services, so still feel free to get in touch and discuss your online requirements, we’re here to help.

The Way Forward

Being able to deliver a reliable and consistent hosting service is the cornerstone of our industry, but also being able to provide customer support that makes each customer feel appreciated and confident of your service is the key to the longevity of any business. Channel Island Hosting and Enrapture can offer those key elements to our customer collectively, and we will endeavour to remain focused on those elements as we continue to grow.  

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