Believe you know your client?  The answer should not be “It’s everybody!” Knowing and understanding your target consumers could be the foundation of smart marketing and advertising to grow retail sales.

Imagine shooting an arrow at a target with your eyes closed and a hurricane wind blowing. I doubt you would hit the target, much less hit the bullseye.

Marketing is a lot like that because until you zero in on the bullseye of who your customer is, you will miss your target audience.

You have to have a very clear idea of who your customer is and who she or he isn’t.

  • Everybody is not a target group.
  • Everybody is hard to reach.

You’re most profitable when you know who your customers are and who they aren’t… Read More


If you need help in profiling your customers/clients, to improve your online offering, get in contact with us and we can discuss ways to improve your service.  Also, check out our services.


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